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How to Spend Your IRS Rebate Check (Stimulus Package)

Posted on Monday, May 12, 2008 by Rick Breslin in Small Business

Take this opportunity to reinvest the cash into your small business with an online marketing campaign.

If you own or run a small business, you know the importance of cash flow. Making payroll, recurring expenses, and of course, marketing your business are essential to keeping your company afloat.

With the 2008 IRS / government stimulus package rebate checks being sent this month, this is an excellent opportunity to reinvest the cash from your refund check into your small business.

... and right now, a great way to spend this extra cash is to invest in your online marketing efforts. Specifically, in paid search advertising. Notice how I used the word invest - here's why:

Spend your rebate / refund check wisely

Paid search advertising (also known as pay per click) provides an entirely measurable way to market your small business to new customers, usually with an immediate return on investment. In addition, you can target a local geographic area, while also specifying niche-related keywords under which you'd like to be listed. In other words, potential customers are looking for you instead of your having to reach out to them. This highly-targeted audience (your potential customers) can result in a stimulus of your own - increased sales.

Get on the first page of Google

The impact of placement on the first page of Google can pay off in many ways. First, web searchers can click-through your ad and land directly on your web site. Even better, you can direct specific ads to individual products or services on your site - this greatly increases the chances of this new visitor becoming a customer/client. Another benefit would be brand awareness and exposure for your business. Google users are heavy researchers, and if your web site is professional (and most importantly, has what they are looking for), those visitors will return to your site when they are ready to take the next step.

The best part - it's a relatively small investment. For the amount of your rebate check, you can get an excellent sense for how profitable paid search marketing could be your small business. Even better, this initial test-run may result in a few sales right away, creating an immediate return on investment.

What if you don't have a web site?

You actually don't need a web site to list your business advertisement on the search engines. In fact, we have set up custom microsites (or small web sites specific to your product/service), which can be used to generate leads and sales. If you'd like to see a few examples, let us know. Otherwise, your rebate check as a result of this stimulus package can go towards a new web site for your small business - which is also a smart way to reinvest this extra cash.

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