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Small Business on the Web: Internet Marketing Podcast

Small Business Web and Internet Marketing including website design and branding, content development and management, search engine optimization, web and email hosting, domain names, and other web site news.

This series is dedicated to the resources, techniques, and latest trends to help you build an effective web presence for your small business.

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Watch Video: How To Change an Image into a Web Format

How To Change an Image into a Web Format

Do you need to change an image format? Maybe you need to convert a PNG to a GIF? Or, do you need an EPS file converted to a JPG? SnipShot.com is a very easy to use, web-based image editor that allow you to change image formats. Watch the video...

Posted on Friday, September 26 by Jim McNamee in Quick Tips

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10 Steps to Web Success

A 10-episode audio primer and step-by-step guide to establishing an effective web presence for your small business. We will cover the essential steps to take for building your website and publishing the site online.

Small Business Internet Marketing Podcast
  1. Planning for Your Website
  2. Choosing a Web Designer
  3. Aquiring Your Domain Name
  4. Gathering & Writing Content
  5. Designing Your Website
  6. Online CRM Solutions/Initiatives
  7. Website Maintenance & Upkeep
  8. Hosting Your Website
  9. Quality Assurance Testing
  10. Launching Your Website
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